US sends drones to help Saudi Arabia fight ISIS

Washington (AP) The United States on Friday deployed a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle to Saudi Arabia as the kingdom struggles to contain an uprising that has left scores dead and hundreds injured.

The unmanned aerial vehicles will be used to help with air support in support of Saudi Arabia’s fight against ISIS militants, the Pentagon said in a statement.

The drone, called the Precision Directed Airborne Surveillance-Kill Vehicle (PDASK-K), was developed by the US Army’s Precision Airborne Systems Program, or PASC.

It will be deployed to Saudi in support, the statement said.

“This will provide the Royal Saudi Air Force with additional intelligence and reconnaissance capabilities, which will help them continue to conduct air operations in support for coalition forces against ISIS,” the Pentagon added.

The kingdom, which is embroiled in a civil war with its own Islamic militant group, has been fighting ISIS and other Sunni militant groups since 2015.