Why are they selling bitcoin now?

An exchange called OMNI Logistics, which has a history of being a key component of the bitcoin network, has been selling bitcoin for more than three weeks now.

The sale is being driven by the demand for bitcoin as a form of payment, according to CoinDesk, citing two sources familiar with the situation.

The company says it has sold between 10,000 and 30,000 bitcoins in the past three weeks, although it declined to provide further details about the sales.

The cryptocurrency is currently trading at around $9,600.

The coin is not trading in physical form on a physical exchange.

OMNI said it is still in discussions with bitcoin exchanges about whether it will be able to continue with its sale.

“We have discussed our options for the future with our exchange partners,” a spokesperson for OMNI told CoinDesk.

“We will have more to share at the appropriate time.”

The company is not the only exchange selling bitcoin.

Bitfinex, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, recently announced it will begin accepting bitcoin payments in the near future.

The move comes as more banks and other financial institutions start to accept bitcoin.

A number of other exchanges have announced plans to accept the digital currency.