Hnry logistics: Hnrys logistics to invest in drone technology

The Hnries logistics company has announced plans to invest €400m in drones, as it prepares for a shift in its business model.

The company said that drones would be used for a range of applications, including delivering goods to remote areas, logistics for construction projects, and delivering goods from remote locations.

This will see the company working with local partners and using drone technology to deliver goods to the remote parts of Ireland.

Hnry said it would use drones for the following tasks:Delivering goods for customers in remote areas and delivering them to remote locations for their own use.

Delivery for delivery sites for the construction of buildings and structures.

Drones will also be used to deliver parcels and packages for delivery to remote regions of the country.

Hmry has previously said it has invested in drone development as part of its plans to shift from its current delivery business to a digital platform.

A new company, Digital Distribution and Services, is also being formed to develop and manage drone applications for distribution.

This is part of the company’s plan to increase its global footprint as it moves into the digital business.

The Hnrry group is owned by the family of multinational corporation Sysco, which has a turnover of around €2.5bn.

In 2014, Hnrs parent company, Syso, was fined €1.5m for using a contract to pay for services to a former Hnrgry executive who had been jailed for fraud.