How to build your first e-commerce business in India

A young startup in the country is now looking to start a business in the US, but it’s been forced to turn to the US logistics industry to fill the gap.

The New York Times reports that the startup, Yusen Logistics, is seeking a US office and will soon expand to Washington D.C. It is also looking to get a business license in the states of Virginia and Maryland.

“The business license process will take up to three years,” says CEO Raghav Khera.

“We will have to get some US and Virginia licenses.

But we will do our best to get it done in the next three years.”

Yusens business plan involves a number of things, including setting up a US distribution channel, establishing a US logistics company and opening an online marketplace for goods from its product line.

Yusenos growth comes as it has started to get more established in India, where it started with just two employees.

“India is a very promising market for us.

We have a lot of experience here.

We are a logistics and logistics logistics company, so we are a pretty good company in terms of the skills we have,” says Kheran.

Yuskos products include apparel, furniture, clothing, home goods, travel goods, home delivery, and even pet products.

“Our products are made in India and we are going to be expanding to other markets,” says the CEO.