Military, logistics company offer to supply $1.2 billion in cash to Hurricane Harvey recovery effort

The Army is looking to expand its supply of cash to Texas for disaster relief efforts, according to a new letter obtained by CNN.

A contract with U.S. Bank for America has already been awarded for $1 million, according a statement from the Texas Department of State.

The company is the largest military and logistics provider in the state, providing logistical support to the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force.

The Texas Army National Guard has requested $1 billion in disaster relief, according the Army.

The letter says the Army has provided $500,000 in cash, with the remainder to be sent by U.K. bank.

The Army, the U.N. and the Texas National Guard are also working together to get a $2 billion agreement for Hurricane Harvey relief.

The letter to the Texas Army is dated Tuesday, September 10.

It is signed by Army Deputy Chief of Staff Lt.

Gen. Robert B. Prewitt.

It says the military is looking for additional suppliers, such as the Army Reserve, U.T.O. and Bank of America.

The Texas Army Reserve is working with UTAO to secure a $1,000 deposit.