U.S. Postal Service launches a website to offer more options for returning packages

U.K. postal service to launch a website that will let customers order and pay for items that have been damaged or lost after they’ve been mailed abroad.

The United States Post Office (USPS) announced on Tuesday that it would begin offering the service to customers who had packages damaged, stolen or lost while in transit.

The service is a “direct-mail” service, meaning that customers will not have to wait for a delivery person to open the package to complete the order.

The service will also be available to customers that have returned packages from abroad, but who haven’t been able to complete their orders because of a security issue.

Customers who have returned a package that is damaged or missing will be able to track their return online and purchase the item with the payment method they choose.

The USPS announced the service will not only be available in the United States but also to select countries around the world.

“This is a first step toward bringing postal services online,” USPS Secretary Mark Sullivan said in a statement.

“Customers should have the tools they need to ensure they receive their mail safely and securely, and we’re taking this step to help them get on with their lives.”

The USPS said that it will charge a “fee” of about $1.00 per package that was returned, but that the fee will be waived for customers who have made their orders with their credit card.

The company will also begin charging customers a “Return Merchandise Authorization” fee to track the return of a lost or damaged item, which will help it to keep track of lost items.

The fee will only be waived if the return was shipped by the USPS to a US address.

The USPS has a number of tools to help customers with their returns, including a “return tracking” tool, a “refund claim” tool and an “return payment” tool.

The Postal Service said that customers can also request a return from the USPS’ website to track a return to a shipping address or to send the item back to the customer.

The new service is not just a new option for USPS customers to order and track their mail, but also a new way for postal employees to keep their offices and their departments running.

Sullivan said the USPS was also considering adding additional perks to its service, including allowing customers to pay their bill online.

Sullivan said in the statement that the USPS will continue to monitor and update the website, including when it will be available.

“We have been looking at the opportunities this new service provides to our customers and are excited to bring this service to our communities and to our employees,” Sullivan said.

“The service is open to all Americans, and it will continue as we continue to improve it.”