DHL to build 10,000 cars for Melbourne’s CBD by 2020

The logistics firm DHL is planning to build up to 10,100 cars for the Melbourne CBD by 2021.

The car-sharing company is also considering building more car parks for the CBD, as well as a new metro station and shopping mall.

DHL has already signed up 20 Melbourne-based car rental companies, including DHL Rental, to operate as car-sharers in the CBD.

This is DHL’s first car-rental scheme to be rolled out across Melbourne, and it comes on the back of strong results for the company’s new car rental business, which recently added its first car to its fleet.

More than 40% of its new car rentals are in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, including the CBD and the Inner West.

Since its launch, the company has been able to tap into its new clientele in a big way, with its new cars making up nearly 60% of the company traffic on its network.

For the past two years, DHL has been working with Melbourne’s council and local government to expand the network of car rental properties in the city.

Melbourne Council has agreed to fund 20 car rental car parks to help support the CBD’s booming economy.

Council’s financial adviser, Rob Fennell, said DHL was a very important partner to Melbourne, adding it was vital that the car rental network was strong.

“We know that DHL rental is a great complement to our existing fleet and the growth in demand we see for car rental services in Melbourne,” Mr Fennill said.

“[DHL] is looking forward to working with councils to build a stronger network of new car parks and we are confident that we can grow our fleet in a safe and secure way to meet the growing demand for car rentals in Melbourne.”

With the new car-stays, the firm will be able to bring in a new number of car-park rental spaces to meet demand for its services.

In a statement, Dhl said the car-resorts will operate with a new car park for each customer.

But, unlike Uber, Duhls new cars are not being rented by a single driver, instead, each car is shared between two drivers, each with their own car park.

It is also expected that each car rental company will have its own vehicle rental office, with a fully-furnished parking garage.

If all goes to plan, the cars will be rolled into Melbourne’s existing car rental networks by 2021, with more planned for future years.

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