How to spot the coyote on the road

A coyote can be seen all over the North Carolina countryside.

The coyote is a member of the same family of mammals as the raccoon and the black bear, and they have been spotted on highways, highways and in parking lots throughout the state.

The problem with coyotes in North Carolina is they are not known to be aggressive, but the state’s wildlife biologists say they are dangerous.

North Carolina’s Department of Conservation (NCD) is urging residents to stay out of the woods and to keep their distance from coyotes, because they are known to attack people.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture (NCDA) says they should not be too worried.

“Coyotes are not considered pests, but can be a hazard,” said North Carolina Wildlife Service (NCWS) spokesman Ryan Brown.

“The wildlife is not protected from predators.

Coyotes are territorial and will attack and kill people if they feel threatened.”

The coyotes are usually not aggressive toward people, but sometimes they may be.

In fact, a recent incident in North Augusta, North Carolina, resulted in the death of a woman.

North Augusta police are currently investigating the incident, and it’s not clear if there is a link between the death and the coyotes.

However, if you encounter coyotes or you see a coyote you can always call the NCWS hotline at 1-800-252-6868.

Brown said there is nothing to worry about if you are not in an area where coyotes can attack people, since they are generally not aggressive.

Brown also said coyotes have been known to roam in the woods, especially near the edges of the state, so they should also be careful around them.

“We are not sure if that is a coyotes problem or a coyot problem,” he said.

“It is probably a coyon problem.”

Brown said it’s also not known if coyotes may be a problem in some areas of the Southeast, but he said the state has been seeing more of them.

North Carolinians can call the North Carolinas coyote hotline at 800-342-5222.