Which job is the hottest? Recode’s tech staff weighs in on the hottest tech jobs

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In the first installment of our Tech Salary Report series, we took a look at how much the tech industry pays, and how much it costs to start a tech career.

As the first job of the year, we wanted to give you an idea of how much you’d need to start your own startup if you want to start an awesome company.

So, let’s start with a look.


$75,000 to $90,000 The average tech startup’s first round salary is around $75 to $100,000, according to Recode data.

That’s a bit more than the average salary of an engineering or sales job in 2017, but it’s not a huge jump from the average start-up salary.

The median start-ups salary in 2017 was $57,500, and median salary for a full-time job was $42,200.

And even at $75K, you can start your company with a little more than $100K to get started.

You can start with $50,000 if you are in your 20s and are in the tech startup pool.

But it takes more than that to get your foot in the door.

For example, your first round startup salary will need to be in the $75k to $95K range.

A good rule of thumb is to not make any more than two people in the company, so you’re going to need to bring in more than one person.

But there are some other factors that make it easier to start the company: the market is saturated, so a lot of people have already got jobs or are looking for jobs, or a good tech-related venture is just a few months away.


$60,000-80,000 A typical tech startup starts with around $60K to $80K in cash, and a startup is expected to raise at least $150M to $250M in funding.

But the median start up salary is a little bit higher than that.

A typical startup salary of $75M to 80M is considered the median starting salary for tech startups, according in Recode calculations.

So if you have a solid track record and are starting your company in your early 20s, then you could easily make $80-100K.

And if you’re working in the mid-range, you could potentially make even more.

The only real difference between the two figures is that the median starts with $70K.


$40,000-$60,00 Starting a tech startup costs $40K to the $60k range, but the average starting salary is closer to $60 to $70.

The first round will cost you $70,000 or more.

So you’ll need to make at least one hire to get a company off the ground.

And the median salary is about $60.


$45,000 – $50K A typical start up requires around $45K to start up a tech company.

But for a startup that is a good one, you might need to hire at least two people to help grow your company.

And a startup like Google is famous for its flexible start- up process, which means that it will probably require hiring up to four people.

A company like Uber, which has had a reputation for not hiring many people, might cost you up to $50 million.


$20,000 To $30,000 This is a tough one.

Starting a business at $20K is really hard to do and not as easy as it sounds.

Recode estimates that it takes around $30K to reach the $30k range for an average startup.

A startup with a good track record of raising at least a $100M round will probably need at least four to five people to get it off the mat.

For startups with a bad track record, it’s much easier to raise a million or more, but you need at most two people and you can probably raise a lot more.

But in general, you will need at minimum two people for a $30M start-Up.


$15,000 Starting a startup at $15K is a great way to get in early and build momentum.

But remember, you have to spend $10M to get to the top.

And $20M is also a good number for starting a tech-oriented startup.

And for startups that aren’t the top, it’ll take around $20-30K for the first year to get going.

But if you make it, you’ll probably get a big raise.

And then you’ll start building your brand, marketing, and distribution.


$10,000+ Starting a company at $10K is still a great starting point, but not as great as you think.

For a startup with $10-20