How to get to the NFL’s training camp without spending thousands of dollars in Las Vegas

If you’re thinking about going to Las Vegas to watch the NFL on Thursday, you’ll have to shell out at least $3,200 per person to get there.

The NFL is set to begin training camp in the new “gig” stadium in the Las Vegas Strip, with the majority of the NFL team’s games being broadcasted on a pay-per-view service.

The average price per ticket will be $9.49, per Las Vegas Review-Journal.

For the two days of games, the average price will be roughly $18.49.

The Las Vegas NFL Stadium is set for completion this spring.

It has been the home of the New England Patriots since 1996, and it is slated to be ready in time for the 2018 NFL season.

In a report on the NFL, The Associated Press reported that there are over $600 million worth of work to be done on the new stadium, with roughly $100 million being needed for the stadium itself.

The stadium’s cost includes the stadium’s electrical, mechanical and security systems, as well as the facility’s water and sewer system.