Trump orders ‘major’ relief for Crowley logistics workers

Trump has ordered a major relief effort for Crowleys warehouses, saying that the companies are “unprecedentedly busy” and the logistics sector “is struggling.”

The White House press secretary Sean Spicer, speaking on Thursday morning, said the orders will boost jobs in the country’s manufacturing sector and help “save American jobs.”

The president has also called for increased funding for the nation’s agricultural production.

Trump’s order is one of several he’s issued to address the “major disaster” that Crowley is facing, with the order saying the company’s warehouses will “open on Wednesday.”

A Crowley spokesperson told The Washington Post that the company “is currently focused on a very busy and complex schedule.”

“We have a lot of people working on these warehouses and we are still sorting through all of the paperwork,” the spokesperson said.

“There will be some delays, but that’s part of the normal response to a major disaster.”

The announcement came as the president continued to express his frustration with the government’s handling of the opioid crisis.

“I have spoken to the president of the United States and he told me the opioid epidemic is the worst we’ve ever had,” Trump said.