How to build a logistics company

FAST FACTS: The Boston Globe reported that Bollaert was one of the finalists for a job with the federal government’s fusion logistics office.

Bollaert previously worked as the chief executive officer of a logistics startup called FAST, which was acquired by Fusion for $20 million in 2015.

He also served as a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which has invested in several logistics startups, including Bollaart’s.

Bollaern was also an advisor to Bollaar’s venture capital fund.

In a statement released Monday, Fusion said Bollaerc did not receive any additional work for the company, which employs nearly 5,000 people and provides a variety of products and services.

Bollore, which operates a fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles in the Boston area, said in a statement that it is pleased that Bollore is leaving the company and joining its growing workforce.

BollORE said in the statement that the decision to retire is part of its strategic evolution and that the company’s strategic plan is still in place.

“We are excited about the opportunities ahead and the company is working with our partners to continue to build its operations and bring more services to the Greater Boston community,” the company said.