Japanese logistics company Cap logistics to buy a stake in JetBlue

Japan’s Cap logistics will buy a 40% stake in a JetBlue service provider to strengthen the carrier’s international operations.

The acquisition of JetBlue, which will provide services in more than 150 countries, is one of the largest deals in the logistics industry.

It will create Cap logistics the largest logistics company in the world.

The company is led by former US vice president of logistics, John Deere.

The deal comes after the Japanese government’s new National Transportation Agency, or NTA, decided in March to allow private companies to operate more than 300,000 public transport buses, including private companies in airports.

In November, the government said it would ban foreign airlines from flying within its borders.

In February, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the introduction of a new regulation that requires foreign carriers to apply for a national license before flying within Japan’s borders.

The NTA’s decision, which was expected to lead to an increase in foreign carriers flying to Japan, sparked international protests and criticism from Japanese airlines.