Amazon ships thousands of packages to Puerto Rico, as Hurricane Maria makes landfall

New York Times reporter Andrew Marantz reports on Amazon’s efforts to ship thousands of package packages to the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico as Hurricane Jose hits the island.

The delivery of packages is one of several ways Amazon is helping Puerto Rico deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

(The Associated Press) Amazon said Monday it shipped 2,200 packages to San Juan, the capital of the U of P territory.

Amazon spokeswoman Molly Riggs said it’s the largest number of packages it’s shipped since Maria struck the island on Sept. 20.

The company is using its delivery service to help Puerto Rico get relief packages from local authorities.

Amazon also said it sent another 730 packages to other Puerto Rican cities.

The packages were sent to Amazon warehouses in New Jersey and New York.

The deliveries are part of Amazon’s response to the massive damage to Puerto Rican infrastructure that hit the island over the weekend.

It also sent some 4,000 packages to Texas, which was hit hard by the hurricane.

Puerto Rico has the worst of the storm’s aftermath, with an island without power and a widespread power outage.

The island is also the site of a recent lawsuit that accused Amazon of discriminating against minority workers in a way that discriminated against women and children.

Amazon says it has sent more than 5 million packages to U.N. shelters in Puerto Rico.

The U.P. is trying to get back to normal business as usual.


Ricardo Rosselló is asking the U,S.

Congress to pass a relief package that would provide more assistance to the island’s poorest residents.

Amazon said it has not yet received an official request from Puerto Rico for help with its disaster relief.

Associated Press writer Amy Shireman contributed to this report.