The Bergen logistics company is looking to add another entry to its roster of top-tier partners

The Bergell Logistics Company, one of the world’s largest logistics companies, announced Tuesday that it is looking for a new partner to help grow its business, adding another entry into the ranks of top tier partners.

The Berglens Logistics and Logistics Recruiting Group is a strategic partner of the Bergen-based company.

The company, which has over 200,000 employees worldwide, announced that it had signed a new partnership with the US logistics company, Logistics Management Services, Inc., to expand the business into the United States.

Berglen Logistics will be a subsidiary of Logistics MSS Inc., a US-based logistics management services company, that has been headquartered in Bergen, Norway, since January 2015.

The company has been looking to expand into the US, and the Berglins are one of several partners looking to help.

The US-Bergen partnership will focus on recruiting and training Bergen’s best and brightest, according to Berglans Chief Executive Officer, Anders Hjort.

The new partnership will be the first of its kind, and Bergen Logistics has been expanding its business presence in the US for some time, according Hjorts.

This new partnership brings together the two companies’ expertise in logistics and logistics consulting to deliver services to businesses across the US and Europe.

Hjörn Berglons company has long been a leader in the logistics business.

It has an operating footprint in the United Kingdom, as well as a presence in Norway and Denmark.

The business has been growing rapidly in recent years, with a $2.3 billion revenue growth last year.

The expansion has attracted investors, as the company aims to become a leading logistics and recruitment company in the U.S.

The business has recently been looking at expanding to more locations in the country, and in June, the company announced that its US offices will open in 2019.

The new Berglin Logistics partner will be responsible for helping the company to grow its US presence, Hjorsons company said in a statement.

Bergen Logistic, based in Berne, Denmark, is the largest logistics company in Norway.

It is one of Norway’s largest companies, with annual revenues of over 5 billion kroner (US$5.6 billion).

The company employs more than 1,000 people and operates logistics services in over 100 countries, according its website.