Which GOP Senate candidates should we focus on this election?

Republicans in Congress are facing a new round of redistricting in 2018.

But while their candidates may be facing a potential defeat, the partisan battles in their districts aren’t going away anytime soon.

A new poll from Democratic firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner shows the race between Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Republican Sen. Jon Tester of Montana could be one of the most consequential in 2018 and beyond.

The poll, conducted for the liberal blog Daily Kos, shows that Tester has the edge among white voters by an impressive 55-37 percent.

That’s just one more margin in Baldwin’s favor.

But the poll also shows that Baldwin is facing a tougher road than Tester: A whopping 62 percent of white voters support her over Tester, while only 30 percent back Tester among white men.

That could mean that Testers unpopularity among white women could become a liability for Baldwin, as she looks to win over a swath of Democratic women voters.

As we reported, Baldwin’s race against Republican Rep. Jon Runyan of Montana has been an increasingly close race.

The two were tied at 49 percent in the latest poll, and Baldwin took the lead with 48 percent support in late September.

But Runyan has managed to win the race, and his recent string of controversies including accusations of sexual misconduct and the ongoing impeachment of President Donald Trump has been a key factor in his victory.

While Baldwin has a good chance of winning, Tester could be vulnerable to an early upset.

In a poll from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, the former president is favored over Testers likely Democratic opponent by 54-39 percent.

Tester’s support among women is just 32 percent, while Runyan’s support is just 26 percent among white males.

If the election were held today, Testers favorable rating among women and men would be 51 percent and 43 percent, respectively.

And if Runyan were to face Baldwin, the race would be closer, with the race currently a dead heat at 51 percent.

The fact that Baldwin’s campaign has been largely focused on winning white men could be an advantage for Tester.

That said, the poll shows that Runyan is a more formidable opponent for Baldwin.

He is favored by 53-36 percent among men and 55-30 percent among women.

In fact, Runyan only trails Baldwin by 10 points among white male voters, and the race is a deadheat.

The race is still in play.

But if Baldwin wins the race and the two of them face off, Runian would win by just five points, with 46 percent of the vote.

This is not the first time Baldwin has faced an early challenge.

In 2015, Baldwin lost her reelection bid to Democrat Joe Heck in Montana.

But Tester was able to hold on to the seat by more than 10 points.

The former Montana governor has maintained his support for Baldwin in recent years, even though she was the first woman elected to Congress.

A poll released by Public Policy Polling this week found that Tether has a strong chance of defeating Baldwin, although Runyan still has a comfortable lead over her.

The poll found that Runian has a 60 percent to 28 percent lead over Baldwin, with Baldwin having a 44-34 percent advantage.

The Democratic senator is leading in most recent polls by a margin of 57 to 43 percent.