A&r Logistics is moving away from its $10 billion deal with Boeing

The logistics firm is leaving Boeing and moving to a new company, according to people familiar with the matter.

The announcement comes after a rocky start to the year for Boeing, which was forced to halt its acquisition of Bombardier Inc. last month after the company missed a $1 billion revenue forecast.

Boeing is seeking to refocus on new technologies and expand its business, including its aircraft manufacturing.

The company also is trying to make its first-in-class aircraft with the help of Boeing’s 777X jetliner and has entered into a deal to purchase new aircraft from Boeing for a total value of about $1.3 billion.

Baldwin said in a statement that Boeing is “moving away from the past” and that he expects the company to reevaluate its investment in its jetliner business.

The aerospace giant is considering buying up to 15% of the aircraft maker.

The move would help to improve Boeing’s profitability, the people said, but would also put a dent in the company’s profit margin, which has been in decline for several years.

The decision to leave Boeing comes after years of uncertainty for the aerospace giant, which last year reported a $6 billion net loss.

It had been the largest company in the United States with $1 trillion in revenue last year, but has struggled to stay competitive in recent years due to the recession.

Bodhi’s announcement comes as Boeing is seeking $1,500 bonuses for its employees.

The company has been asking its workers to make the payments for nearly a year.