When Uber loses its market share, Uber is losing its relevance

Expedia is going to be sold to an investor, according to the CEO of the online marketplace.

The company is valued at $1.5 billion by Nasdaq, and the deal is expected to close in the second half of the year, according the Wall Street Journal.

The announcement comes after Uber said it had made a deal with a Chinese conglomerate to sell its operations to a Chinese group, and a separate deal with Alibaba Group Holding to buy Uber.

The two acquisitions have made Expedia one of the most valuable companies in the world, according a study from the investment firm Morningstar.

The company is also one of Uber’s biggest drivers, with more than 60 million active users in the US.

Expedia is the most popular online travel destination in the United States, with around 1.6 million members and nearly 20 million total users.

It offers more than 500 million members access to more than 100 million travel destinations in more than 40 countries.